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  1. UK switches on to green power
  2. Author says Internet spells end of long novels
  3. Windows 7 now “available to all”
  4. Nokia and Apple settle patent dispute
  5. Cyber-bullying trial opens in US
  6. Pakistan blocks access to YouTube
  7. Nano-wheels seen rolling at last
  8. Japan debut for mobile fuel cell
  9. Buying an air conditioner
  10. Networking home appliances
  11. Lead
  12. Wireless technology
  13. Oil refining
  14. Roll up for better hydrogen fuel storage
  15. Secondary cell
  16. Cars
  17. IBM plans “brain-like” computers
  18. Russian hopes to cash in on ;-)
  19. Leblanc process
  20. Natural fibres
  21. French publishing group sets up rival to Wikipedia
  22. Google helps the web to go social
  23. Terahertz speed circuits get closer
  24. Review “to change games ratings”
  25. Silicon chips stretch into shape
  26. Six degrees of messaging
  27. Wikileaks website in the clear
  28. Communication satellite
  29. Radio, television and video

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