Welcome to DJ's Place. We are glad you joined us. Jump on in, the water is fine.

1- No Spamming The Forum

2- NO Bashing Other Members OR Other Forums

3- You can have only ONE name on this Forum - One Member Per Name!!!

4- NO Double Posting Allowed. If we see Double Posting, we will delete one of the double posts (This is a form of Spam) You can be warned &/OR Banned!!

5- DO NOT link to other forums (unless it is your own AND/OR you have permission!)

6- DO NOT ask (OR HINT HINT) to be a Admin or Mod, if we need more, we will come to you

7- NO arguing with any other staff! They should be treated with respect. Don't you want to be treated with respect?

8- Let the Mods & Admins do their jobs. That's why we have them. If you need to report a post, You can PM ANY Staff & they will help you or send you in the right direction

9- NO hacking or cracking of programs and/or files to any game talk (AT ALL).

10- NO Porn Allowed!

11- We have the right to change the rules, so you MUST come back & check this thread often!!

12- You must be considered an active and productive member to play and or compete in either the arcade games or the trivia quiz and any other contests run within the forum.

13- Have Fun!

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