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 Find the newest topics on the board quick!
Posted by Macha - 02-16-14 16:57 - 5 comments
Forums have been around for a while, so what I think of as a handy 'trick' might be something everyone is already aware of.

However, I'd still like to point some out.

For this post, it will be how to find 'todays active topics' quickly.

If your browser is like mine, then if you scroll to the bottom of the page, just above the 'board statistics' section, there are three links -

The Moderating team, Today's Active Topics, Overall Top 10 Posters

If you click on 'Today's Active Topics' if there was anything posted in the last 24 hours on this forum, the subject(s) will be brought up in a new browser session.

saiyaman.gif Yep - getting my geek on.
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 Kitchen spammers
Posted by pixelgoddess - 01-13-14 03:25 - 5 comments
Just a heads up - I am still around, but not as much as I would like.
We regularly get spammed by kitchen builders, and I usually get them deleted in a day or two - but if you see a spam I missed, please report it. I receive a notification and can take care of it.
The forum has not been abandoned. wub.gif
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 Chibi Vegeta
Posted by pixelgoddess - 05-8-13 00:48 - 3 comments
I have some sad news to share - Chibi Vegeta, known to many as c_v from saiyajin_secrets Yahoo list passed away on April 16th.

C_V inspired a lot of amazing fanfiction during the dizzying days of DBZ fanfiction madness as well as writing some great work (and the squickiest squick in the history of DBZ with Chou-tzu's Bittersweet Ending.) You can read some of Chibi_Vegeta's work on my site at http://www.pixelgoddesscloset.com/guestfanfic.html.

(No, this is not our Prince Vegeta.)
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Posted by pixelgoddess - 04-11-11 03:02 - 10 comments
For those of you who remember when Gozar was active here -

He just got married to Majinbulgeta a few weeks ago - and the cuties cosplay together. smile.gif
(They are on DA and Youtube.)
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 Wanted: New administrator(s)
Posted by pixelgoddess - 03-26-11 13:05 - 16 comments
I'm sure you've noticed (those still around) that I've rarely been around of late. My life has just gotten very, very busy. As a result I've had little or no time to promote the Salon or do anything exciting with it.

As a result, I'm looking for someone (1 or more) to take over as administrators.

If you have questions before you decide to give it a go, ask here or as a private message.

I'm not abandoning DBZ or the Salon, I just don't feel like I'm doing it or you justice.
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 New theme!
Posted by pixelgoddess - 07-11-10 19:21 - 29 comments
So Macha and I were chatting and came up with a theme that I hope inspires some drabbles and artwork AND BANNERS!


How did Trunks learn to fly anyway? Or how does he feel when flying? Or a story about him flying? Or....?

Banner guidelines:

Anyone can submit a banner (or banners - if inspiration strikes, don't stop). It should be 175 pixels high x 1000 pixels wide in a JPEG or GIF format. Make sure they include DBZ Fanfic Salon somewhere on it. (Please make sure it is the correct size when you make it.) And include your Salon name in your email to me - we have so many people I'm not always sure who is sending it.

Send them to pixelgoddess@likeacat.com or dbzsalon@likeacat.com - either address will get to me.

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Posted by pixelgoddess - 06-29-10 04:39 - 2 comments
My life has become super busy lately, so I haven't had the time to spend here that I'd like.

One of the things I'd like to see is the monthly banner topics changed (I know, I've been bad about it.)

Would anyone like to volunteer supervising topic selection? The person in charge would choose and announce them. My suggestion is getting group input, but sometimes a 'just because' would work.

Banners can be sent to me or you and I can add them to the rotation because an animated banner only takes a few minutes.

So who would like to take over the topic selection? ohmy.gif
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 March 2010 theme
Posted by pixelgoddess - 02-28-10 03:29 - 23 comments
The contest for the official Salon banners is still going on - we haven't gotten enough entries yet. Don't forget to enter! Prizes and fun will be had by all!

Everyone has different ideas of what's a good theme, so I've decided you are all right. So in order to keep you all happy,

March's theme is


Your banner can be about anything, anyone, any pair, any any - as long as there is a DBZ theme in it somewhere. Have fun with it - serious, silly, stupid, sarcastic... You get it, right?

Banner guidelines:

Anyone can submit a banner (or banners - if inspiration strikes, don't stop). It should be 175 pixels high x 1000 pixels wide in a JPEG or GIF format. Make sure they include DBZ Fanfic Salon somewhere on it. (Please make sure it is the c ...read more
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 February 2010 Theme
Posted by pixelgoddess - 01-28-10 01:16 - 6 comments
The contest for the official Salon banners is still going on - don't forget to enter! Prizes and fun will be had by all!

Now we all (All? Many? Okay - most.) know that February is the month of love. wub.gif And we follow that here at the Salon as well - with a twist. Keep reading.

February's theme is


Yes - it can be your favorite DBZ couple - canon or not. Gay or straight.
It can be YOU and your favorite DBZ character
even better (or worse, depending on your point of view) big ...<a href="http://z8.invisionfree.com/DBZ_Fanfic_Salon/index.php?s=a67a897bb69e9616fd1803ee107a8ecf&showtopic=10562">read more</a></td>
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 2010 Banner contest
Posted by pixelgoddess - 12-28-09 00:38 - 2 comments
We're holding a banner challenge in quest of banners that symbolize DBZ and the Salon. And there will be prizes! (I have to go through my collection, but I have all kinds of toys for awards.)

The contest will run through the end of February and all entries will be posted and run throughout that time. The top three (voting will be by poll) will be in permanent rotation at the Salon and used for any promotions or links. (The deadline may be extended based on the number of entries received.)

Some rules/guidelines/anticipated questions smile.gif

Contest banners need to emphasize the DBZ Fanfic Salon name rather than it being tucked into a corner somewhere since it is meant to be advertising for the Salon.

It can have any or all characters or symbols of DBZ (dragonballs, dragons, etc). (If you know how to make ...read more
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