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Title: 2010 Banner contest
Description: With prizes!!!

pixelgoddess - December 28, 2009 12:38 AM (GMT)
We're holding a banner challenge in quest of banners that symbolize DBZ and the Salon. And there will be prizes! (I have to go through my collection, but I have all kinds of toys for awards.)

The contest will run through the end of February and all entries will be posted and run throughout that time. The top three (voting will be by poll) will be in permanent rotation at the Salon and used for any promotions or links. (The deadline may be extended based on the number of entries received.)

Some rules/guidelines/anticipated questions :)

Contest banners need to emphasize the DBZ Fanfic Salon name rather than it being tucked into a corner somewhere since it is meant to be advertising for the Salon.

It can have any or all characters or symbols of DBZ (dragonballs, dragons, etc). (If you know how to make matching link buttons or stamps like they use on deviantart that would be cool.)

No fanart unless you drew it yourself or have written permission from the artist - screen shots ok - because we intend to keep it as a long-term thing and don't want to annoy artists who didn't give permission.

Banner guidelines:

Anyone can submit banners - you can enter as often as you want to. It should be 175 pixels high x 1000 pixels wide in a JPEG or GIF format. Make sure they emphasize the name DBZ Fanfic Salon. (Please make sure your banner is the correct size when you make it - sometimes it can be fixed, but not always.) And include your Salon name and that it is for the contest in your email to me - we have so many people I'm not always sure who is sending it.

They can be submitted anytime through February 28. Send them to or - either address will get to me.

pixelgoddess - January 28, 2010 01:26 AM (GMT)
So far we have four entries

The Fandom, The Fiction, The Fanatics by Bdegrees
Saiyan must by shared by Lady Fury
No Exits by Macha
Diety Worship *smirk* by Macha

There's plenty of time for more. Keep making those banners. :D

Macha - January 31, 2010 04:12 PM (GMT)
P.S. I can change the grammar in the no exits banner if it really bugs people. *shrugs*

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