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  1. Shadows of the Past, by Alithiel
  2. Faint by uiggu
  3. Vegeta's New Tactic, by Spacefille aka Marie
  4. Dominion, by Xero Sky
  5. Spiral, by Macha
  6. Idomu, by Macha
  7. It Started on Sunday, by Card
  8. Redemption by Xero Sky
  9. Consequences by Xero Sky
  10. Funeral - Julesie
  11. Tasting Bliss by StarbearerTM
  12. Quest by Pixelgoddess
  13. Maintaining by Pixelgoddess
  14. Wishes of the Fallen by SaiyanGirl
  15. Spin! by DharmaSerenity
  16. Chains Of Affection By Syldana
  17. Birth of a Prince by Talonsage
  18. Coda by LisaB
  19. Bejita Unattached by Rena Sama

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