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  2. Change of Heart by Niteryde
  3. It Started With A Fist And Ended With A Kiss
  4. Dark Angel by: Camaro
  5. What's Your Story, Morning Glory?
  6. President for a Day by Darke Angelus
  7. Isn't Life Grand?
  8. Point of No Return by niteryde
  9. "Falling for the Neighbor Boy" and the sequel
  10. Relief by swirlpop
  11. Sparing in the Rain
  12. Sacrifice by Xero Sky
  13. Unwanted Mating at AFF
  14. Kakarotto's Balls
  15. Count Down to Extinction
  16. Not for Your Ears by Ariel Briefs
  17. crimson by gorthicdream
  18. Devilry by Osidian Blade
  19. iterations by cantare
  20. Overflow by hinodegiri
  21. Saiyan Instincts by E.B. Midnight at AFF
  22. Blood Ties by Lisalu
  23. Somewhere Only We Know by Lady Lan
  24. In the Air Tonight
  25. Unlikely Bond
  26. Seven Years by ShiningMoon
  27. Wants to revive When Worlds Collide.
  28. Destiny by Baconfat
  29. A Glad Day - Lisalu <3
  30. Monster, Fathoming Love
  31. The Nine Months Saga By Topaz989
  32. Getting Mom and Dad Together by Frozenflower
  33. Something Vanilla by Iuvenes Lascivus
  34. His Birthday by Awesome Incarnate
  35. The Taste of a Cure
  36. The Night After by Mutgaba
  37. hate is just another kind of love
  38. Vengeance
  39. A Perfect Day by Darke Angelus
  40. Nausicaa Smith
  41. To Understand Love
  42. A Father's Pride by theshadowedmoon
  43. Naptime by Nameless Boast
  44. My Husband is an Alien by Infinite Pen
  45. Thoughts by Candyland
  46. The Moon and the Progress Within by Valeyard
  47. A Tale of Two Chibi's by Uchiha Mira
  48. Sunrise, Sunset by balthezarian
  49. Unconditional Bonds, by Makota
  50. Vegeta's New Tactic

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