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Title: Rush and more for Sale/Trade

ytserush - December 11, 2009 12:12 AM (GMT)
Not really sure where to post this but I figured this would be the best spot.
I've decided to part with this stuff. There might be more in the future as I'm still deciding if I should downsize the collection or not.

(All originals No CDRs MP3s etc..) I'll be happy to answer any questions on anything below. References and photos available on request.


Kiss -- Killers (1982 German import compilation which Changed the SS in the Kiss logo so as not to offend Germans) $13

Pearl Jam -- Yield (Rare Out Of Print) $30

Marillion -- Rare band picture disc interview LP with Fish during Misplaced Childhood era. $11

Rolling Stone's Continuous History of Rock and Roll 2LP Radio show (Broadcast March 3, 1984 over ABC Rock Radio, No cover. Show features music and interviews with Rush, Billy Squier, Ian Hunter and Pete Townshend. If you're into nostalgia, have a turntable, or are a collector, this is for you. $12

Compact Discs

Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe -- Anderson Bruford, Wakeman and Howe (small saw cut in Cd Case and Artwork) $4

An Evening of Yes Music Plus 2CDs (Herald 1994 24k gold-plated CD pressing) $12

Joshua Bell -- Mendelssohn/Beethoven Violin Concertos $6 (hole punch in barcode)

Big Elf -- Cheat The Gallows (still sealed) $10

Blue Oyster Cult - Secret Treaties (Advance remaster in card sleeve with 4 bonus tracks, no art work) $5

Blue Oyster Cult -- Tyranny and Mutation/Secret Treaties 2CD Black Hardcover 28 page book set on the Axe Killer label $30

I had no idea these carried such a hefty price tag. Here's what it looks like:

Boiled In Lead -- Old Lead $5

Boiled In Lead -- Antler Dance $5

The Boomtown Rats (Sir Bob Geldof) -- The Fine Art of Surfacing $5

Lisa Bouchelle -- Paint Your Dreams (Ex-Mastermind Vocalist) $4

Candiria -- The Coma Imprint 2CD $9

Cheap Trick -- Cheap Trick (Red Ant pressing, out of print, label went under) $5

The Clash -- London Calling (2004 remaster with 1999 remaster packaging) $9

John Coltrane -- Coltrane (Still sealed) $10

John Coltrane -- Live at the Village Vanguard The Master Takes (Still sealed) $10

Shawn Colvin -- Whole New You (Still sealed) $7

Company Of Wolves -- Company of Wolves (likely out of print everywhere except Japan) $5

Crosby Pevar and Raymond -- Live at the Wiltern 2CD (Phil Collins, Graham Nash guest) $8

Doro -20 Years and Warrior Soul Promo 2 DVD set (Included 20th anniversary concert, On The Road Documnetary and Movie about 6 hours of footage) $10

Bob Dylan -- Infidels $5

Fair To Midland -- Fables From a Mayfly (Advance promo in card sleeve, no art) $6

Fates Warning -- Still Life/Disconnected (Import 3CD Box Sealed) $11

Fates Warning -- A Pleasant Shade Of Gray (rare promo in full color card sleeve) $6

Peter Gabriel -- Revisited $7

Galactic Cowboys --You Make Me Smile promo single (edit an LP version still sealed) $10

Genesis -- Inside Genesis 1975-1980. ("Independent Critical Review featuring rare recordings from the Duke Tour previously unavailable on CD This CD is good for the novice fan who wants to learn a little about those years or the fanboy that has to have everything ) $7

Genesis -- Live: The Way We Walk Volume 2 The Longs Promo (I looked on Ebay and found this:
Mine is in better shape, probably near mint. $20

Gong -- Polictico Historico Spirito (1994 Voiceprint sampler CD with 26+ booklet on Gong's History through 1990) $5

GPS -- Window to the Soul (featuring Asia's John Payne Guthrie Govan and Jay Schellen with Ryo Okumoto of Spock's Beard. US version with video "making of" bonus track.) $8

Great Big Sea -- Courage Patience and Grit In Concert (CD/DVD Digipack combo) $10

The Best of Paul Hardcastle (Still sealed on the Disky label) $5

Hawkwind -- Decide Your Future EP ( Limited Edition, Drill hole in jewelcase) $5

Hobbit -- Rockin The Shire (No Barcode) $7 Here's what it looks like:

Joe Jackson - Summer In The City Live in New York (Promo In-Store Play CD - no art work) $4

Eric Johnson and Alien Love Child - Live and Beyond (Promo, no artwork) $4

Kansas -- Works in Progress (CD+ DVD compilation spanning the Intersound years 1992-2002 Gatefold with nice band essay) $9

Kansas - Device-Voice-Drum ( Live 2CD set from Atlanta in 2002 plus enhanced CD bonus track) $13

Led Zeppelin -- The Song Remains The Same (2CD) $9

The Leopard Son Soundtrack (Original 1996 score by Stewart Copeland (Police, Animal Logic) and also featuring bassist Stanley Clarke (Return To Forever/Animal Logic and many others) $8

Living Colour single (from the True Lies Sountrack 2 versions of Cream's Sunshine of Your Love plus a Screaming Trees and Mother Tongue song) $4

Marillion -- Made Again ( 2CD Includes all of Brave live) $11

Marillion -- Tales from the Engine Room (This Strange Engine tracks remixed) $5

Mason Proffit -- Come and Gone (German Import) $5

Loreena McKennitt -- The Visit $6

Loreena McKennitt -- The Mask and Mirror (Gold Stamped Promo) $7

McGill, Manring and Stevens -- Controlled By Radar (2CD) $12

Metallica -- 15 Pieces of Live Sh!t: Binge & Purge (Very, Very Rare 2CD promo) $45

Gary Moore -- A Different Beat (Gary Husband plays drums on two tracks) -- $6

Our Lady Peace -- Clumsy (hole punch in barcode) $5

Queensryche - Empire $7

Queensryche - Sign of the Times: The Best of Queensryche (Advance CD with thumbnail of art) $16

Professor Louie and the Cromatix -- Jam (Still sealed) $5

Pure Reason Revolution -- The Dark Third (holepunch in barcode) $ 4.50

Red Thunder -- Makoce Wakah (Still sealed) $5

Renaissance (Annie Haslam) -- King Biscuit Flower Hour Live at Royal Albert Hall Oct. 14, 1977 with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Part 2) $8

Buddy Rich - Ease On Down The Road $9

Buddy Rich - Giant Steps $8

Saga -- Marathon (Import, promo) $10

Saga -- House of Cards $9

Saga -- Generation 13 $8

Shadow Gallery - Carved In Stone $8

Shadow Gallery - Tyranny (RARE promo in cardsleeve with Full Color CD Booklet) $10

Tool -- Opiate $6

Pete Townshend (The Who) -- Scoop $7

Triumph -- Classics (Canadian TRC reissue) $6

Steve Vai -- Alive In The Ultra World (2CDs STILL SEALED) $14

Scott Walker -- Humble Beginnings: The Scott Engel Sessions $6

Weather Report -- Mysterious Traveller (2002 Advance Promo CD no art) $4

Weather Report -- Sporting Life (Japanese import with OBI) $8

The Who -- Live At Leeds (14 track 1995 remaster with very detailed 24 page booklet) $10

The Who -- Who's Next (1995 remaster with bonus tracks) $10

Victor Wooten -- 2CD Live In America (hole punch in barcode) $12

Rick Wright (Pink Floyd) - Broken China $8

Yes -- Remixes (Steve Howe's son Virgil is at the controls) $6

King Biscuit Flower Hour Gatefold Promo Only 13-Track sampler (Featuring The Fixx, Greg Lake, Deep Purple, Triumph, Robin Trower, Rick Wakeman and others) $5


U2 -- The Joshua Tree Tourbook (Ex ++) $10


Ki$$ And Make Up -- Gene $immons $4

Lyricist Review -- Teaching Lyricism in the Classroom The Transition from Dickinson to Dylan (features review of lyrical work from the '60s, '70s,'80s and '90s including Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Neil Peart, Michael Stipe, Roger Waters, Trey Ananstasio, Tori Amos and a bunch of others) 102 pages $6

Promotional T-Shirts: Shirts have never been worn and were stored in a cardboard box for about 10 years

GRIP, INC - The Power Of Inner Strength Band logo on top left of front and Band photo on back with Metal Blade Records logo (Black Shirt Large Pre-Shrunk 100% cotton Murina Made in USA) $5

Danny Federici (late of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band) - Flemington (T-Shirt to promote solo jazz album called Flemington (Danny Federici - Flemington on back and his label inprint Deadeye "" on front. (Fruit Of The Loom Heavy Cotton Black Shirt, Large) $10

Album Flats:

Atomic Opera -- For Madmen Only $4

Kiss -- Alive III $7

Live -- Throwing Copper -- $6

Police -- Message In A Box -- $6

Bruce Springsteen -- Human Touch/Lucky Town -- $6

Pearl Jam -- Vitalogy album cover (24" by 24 " on thin cardboard stock) $15


J.R.R. Tolkien -- Masters Of The Rings -- The Definitive Guide To The Rings (Double VHS set) $5

Two Kids DVDs:

Lilo and Stitch---$4

Finding Nemo (2 Disc Collector's edition) -- $9
$10 if you get them both

King Kong DVD (Peter Jackson) $5

Still with me?

Here's the fun stuff:

Dream Theater -- Once In A Livetime Advance 2CD promo (no art, back insert, short bio) $25

Rush - Hemispheres Performance 5/22/79 Oslo, Norway (SILVER Elements 042) $20 (Not a CDR/MP3)

Rush -- The Spirit Of Radio (Audio tracks from of the Exit...Stage Left and Grace Under Pressure videos 12 tracks Silver on the Viva label ) TRADE ONLY (Not a CDR/MP3)

Rush Vapor Trails Lithograph Numbered Limited Edition (Only 10,000 made, came with the Vapor Trails CD at selected locations) $12 (free shipping in US)

Rush In Rio (6 track limited edition promotional only sampler STILL SEALED in digipak. Nice collectors package) $20

Red Star -- A Tribute to Rush ( 12 "tracks." Still sealed, featuring curiousities such as Scary German Guy, Engrave Speed Death, Hostile Intent and Blood Coven) $5

Burning For Buddy I -- A Tribute To Buddy Rich (Produced by Neil Peart, Gold Stamped Promo) $10

Burning For Buddy II -- A Tribute To Buddy Rich (Produced by Neil Peart Gold Stamped Promo) $10

Rheostatics - Whale Music (Canadian CD promo with Neil Peart on two tracks Disclaimer: Does NOT sound like Rush (Not that it's a bad thing)) $5

Rush -- The Story of Kings (This is the CD version of the vinyl Baktabak picture disc with Alex talking about Hold Your Fire and other topics just before Hold Your Fire came out in 1987. There is no music on the CD. It's a an unofficial period interview.) $9

Rush --The Interviews Volume 2 (Geddy talks about Counterparts album and other topics. No music, unofficial interview,)$9

Rush -- Ghost of a Chance -- rare US promo only Edit and album version color picture CD (wishbones) No front art. light scratches that don't affect play $11

Rush -- The Spririt Of Radio/2112 promo single from Different Stages Live (at 26:27 it's the longest Rush promo single to date) $15

Rush -- Nobody's Hero (Rarer Master edit version with different artwork from standard promo single) $35

Rush -- Vapor Trails (Advance -- "For Internal Use Only" copy. Atlantic logo and "For Internal Use Only" in red on CD-R disc) $50

Rush -- Vapor Trails (Gold Stamped Promo) $16

Rush -- One Little Victory (promo with front art insert) $12

Rush -- The Big Money Gold CD/Video (NTSC) (Rare 3-track audio single, The Big Money, Red Sector A (Live), and Marathon and The Big Money Video Edit; some scratches that don't affect audio tracks. Haven't tested the video) $20

Geddy Lee - promo single - My Favorite Headache $7

Boys Brigade - Melody (produced by Geddy Lee in 1983) promo 7" with Picture Sleeve (Picture Sleeve Good/7" VG) $2

Rush -- The Spirit Of Radio/The Trees/Working Man Rare US Promo 12 inch VG/VG has "Property of James Grabowska" stamped on cover. Side two has some light scuffing) --$10

Rush -- A Passage To Bangkok/Freewill Rare US promo 12 inch with unique cover VG/VG $10

Rush -- The Temples Of Syrinx/Making Memories (US Stock Copy Ex-/Ex-) $30

Rush -- Hemispheres (Rare Red Vinyl LP) $20

Rush -- The Body Electric (UK 45 with very cool picture sleeve) $10

Rush -- Snakes and Arrows Limited Edition vinyl (Still sealed, out of print) $30

Rush - Marathon (First ever Canadian Anthem promo CD single pressed -- I've heard there were only 200 made.) This particular copy has a bend in the bottom right corner. I can scan my copy and email it to you if you'd like. $80 even is probably a fair price given the bent corner

Rush - Where's My Thing? (The rarest US promo ever. I've heard there were either 250 or 300 of these made. For some reason, when Roll The Bones came out some stations got this as the advance track instead of Dreamline and after Dreamline took hold, Where's My Thing? was never heard on commercial radio again. I can scan in my copy, which is probably near mint, and email it if need be. $70

Rush -- Show Don't Tell ( Rare Canadian ANTHEM promo PRO3) $50

Rush -- The Pass (Rare Canadian ANTHEM promo PRO6 Scratch on playing surface that does not affect play some scuffs not on playing surface) $15

To see what these promo cds look like, go here: For some reason there is no direct link. When you click the link you have to click on singles and promos for Marathon and Where's My Thing?


Rush -- Permanent Waves Tour Program (Very Good Condition -- Some wear on the spine and some minor creasing on the cover) $21

Rush - Signals Tour Program EX- $19

Rush -- Hold Your Fire Program Excellent Condition $20

Rush -- Roll The Bones Program Excellent Condition $16

Rush 2007 Calendar (still sealed) $4

Album Flats:

Dream Theater -- Awake $10

Rush -- Counterparts $10

Rush -- Test For Echo $10

Rush -- Vapor Trails $10

All four for $35 (or trade of course)


Rush --Test for Echo (18" by 24" live shots of band) $7

Rush -- Vapor Trails (18" by 24" live shots of band) $7

I also have US and Canadian copies of the first 16 official Rush albums on VINYL through A Show of Hands in 1989. If you're looking for a specific VINYL album or are looking for a quick way to get everything through a Show of Hands, let me know and we'll work out a deal.

They would be:

Fly By Night
Caress Of Steel
All The World's A Stage
A Farewell To Kings
Permanent Waves
Moving Pictures
Exit...Stage Left
Grace Under Pressure
Power Windows
Hold Your Fire
A Show Of Hands

Also have a Netherlands vinyl pressing of the Grace Under Pressure album (split seam on bottom and light surface scratches on the vinyl ) $4 or a trade of course.

FREE Shipping in USA.

I'll be happy to answer more detailed questions about any of the above.

Email: ytserush at sprintmail dot com

And if you got this far, thanks for reading!

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