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 Timeline of Events
Posted: Jun 2 2009, 07:45 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 5-March 09

(Numbers of early years are currently slightly fuzzy, due to my fuzzy knowledge of the exact early years of pern)

105 - 1 : Twin golds Havareth and Zujath are born, Impressing to Damawn and Araless respectively.

110 - 2 : Dragons and riders begin to make move to Northern continent.

110 - 3 : Deciding that the western continent appears to be more easily defensible still, Gold Havareth of Damawn and Gold Zujath of Araless take a contingent of around one hundred dragons and riders, thirty whers, and many holders to the western continent and begin setting up a weyr.

110 - 4/3 : Arawn Weyr is officially established.

110 - 4/20 : Gold Havareth Rises and is Caught by Bronze Tenooth, making them senior weyrleading pair. 30 eggs are laid, with 1 Queen.
30 Eggs - 1 Queen. All Impressed, including Gold Zwennelith to 18 year old Kotta.

110 - 5/1 : Gold Zujath Rises and is Caught by Bronze Rikith, making them junior weyrleading pair. 35 eggs are laid, with no Queen.
35 eggs - 0 Queens. 34 Impressed, with 1 egg unhatched.

110 - 5 : Arawn Hold is established close to Arawn weyr.

110 - 11/15 : Gold Havareth Rises and is Caught by Bronze Rikith, making him weyrleader. 28 eggs are laid, with no Queen.
28 eggs - 0 Queens. 28 Impressed.

110 - 12/1 : Gold Zujath Rises and is Caught by Bronze Letherenth, making him junior weyrleader. 40 eggs are laid, with 2 Queens.
40 eggs - 2 Queens. 38 Impressed, with 2 unhatched. First Hatched Gold Minyoueth Impressed to 17 year old Jethera, while second Hatched Gold Perilith Impressed to 20 year old Norussa.

110 - 7 : Konta Hold is established to the north of Arawn Weyr and Hold.

113 - 10 : Murmers of unrest begin in Konta Hold, which has become swiftly prosperous. They start hiding away their children when searchriders come, and begin making noise of not wanting to pay tithes, even with Threadfall falling.

113 - 12 : Gold Zwennelith's makes her Maiden Flight and is Caught by Brown Duloth. 15 eggs are laid, with no Queen.
15 eggs - 0 Queens. 15 Impressed.

113 - 12 : The first Flitter, Green Juel of rider G'thar, falls from the sky and dies. Her death would be followed with slowly, but steadily increasing numbers throughout the month.

114-1 : Lysis Hold is established to the east of Arawn Hold, right on the sea.

114- 1/15 : First Wher dies from the new disease, over half the flitter population has been wiped out.

114 - 1/30 : Half the whers have died with the new disease, appearing to be even more vulnerable than the flitters. Wild flitters (what few there were in the first place) have disappeared away from humanity, perhaps taking the disease with them and infecting others.

114- 3/30 : The virus makes the jump to dragons, evidenced when Green Kizarexth falls from the sky with her rider, plummeting to her death. By now virtually every wher and flitter have disappeared or are dead. Panic sweeps through the weyr, though only a few riders and dragons choose to flee Arawn. The remaining riders search for a cure.

114 - 3/10 : Gold Havareth Rises and is Caught by Bronze Pouropith. 26 eggs are laid with 1 Queen.
26 eggs - 1 Queen. All Impress including Gold Evriveth to 21 year old Amithe, but 20 die in the following week due to Dragon's Bane. The few who do survive slowly succumb as well. None make it past weyrlinghood. Begins the period in time called the Great Turn of Mourning.

114 - 3/21 : Gold Zujath Rises and is Caught by Bronze Letherenth. 35 eggs are laid - 0 Queens.
35 Eggs - 0 Queens. All Impress, but 28 die within the following week. None make it past weyrlinghood.

114 - 4/10 : The last green dies, and half the blues, as well as several browns. 1 bronze has died so far, though luckily the Queens seem to have been spared.

114 - 4/11 : Gold Minyoueth Rises and is Caught by Bronze Kixith. 19 eggs are laid - 1 Queen.
19 Eggs - 1 Queen. All Impress, including Gold Hafifth, but 10 die within the following week. None make it past weyrlinghood.

114 - 4/11 : Gold Minyoueth disappears along with her rider, and Lothere Lake is re-named Lake of Tears, while a legend starts that, instead of Betweening, Minyoueth and her rider drowned themselves after all her children die due to Dragon's Bane, including a sibling of Jethera, who had Impressed a Green.

114 - 6/12 : Thread falls, decimating the dragon population even further. With the evidence that the weyr can no longer sufficiently protect them, Konta officially breaks ties with the weyr, while several groups from all holds break away completely, turning to lawlessness and forming two bands, Raiders and Pirates.

114 - 6/16 : Juanaes Krokortcick begins his tentative forays into genetic manipulation, combining the DNA of whers with several dogs, purported to be of several distinct breeds, including german shepherd, wolfhounds, and several others. The first experiments are utter failures, but eventually progress begins to be made.

115 - 2/20 : The first litter of Wherhounds is born. Topaz Aralaix bonds to Arala, Hematite Ajaraix bonds to Ajaran, Lapis Konix bonds to Konre and Jade Olix bonds to Olina immediately, while several others take up to a Month to bond, and four go wild, not finding proper humans to bond to.

115 - 3 : Juanaes Krokortcick is able to create two more litters of Wherhounds before passing away in his sleep.

115 - 5/01 : Gold Zwennelith, first of the Queens born at Arawn, dies due to Dragon's Bane.

115 - 6/06 : 3/4ths of the browns are now dead, half the bronzes are wiped out, and three of the seven Arawn Golds have succumbed to Dragon's Bane.

115 - 8/10 : Gold Zujath and Gold Havareth Rise, fighting and damaging each other horribly before Brown Tuth forces a Catch on Havareth, while Zujath goes on to be flown by Bronze Letherenth.

115 - 8/22 : The last brown Betweens.

115 - 9/1 : The Last bronze Betweens.

115 - 9/10 : Gold Havareth lays a clutch of 16, with no Queens, before succumbing to her injuries and Betweening.

115 - 9/11 : Gold Zujath lays a clutch of 24, with 2 Queens, before Betweening herself, thus ending the threat to her Hatchlings.

11-5 12/01 : The dual clutches are Hatched, introducing several odd colors into the weyr, as well as the Queens, Electrum Dosodervath of Alira and Gold
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