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Welcome to Ayden !
Here at Ayden we strive to be a friendly, non-canon Pern based RPG where you can explore nearly every aspect of Pernese life. One of our Admins can be found in America, while the other is in England, so we hope you can always find an Admin to help you, if not, drop us a question vie email or PM!

Dragonmen Must Fly

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Turn (since play started): 1
Current Season: Early Winter
Current Contests: Advertising/Recruiting

Weyrwoman: Kierian of Gold Denayth
Weyrleader: L'rif of Bronze Skelenuth
Jr. Weyrwoman: none
Jr. Weyrleader: none

Current Flights: None
Next Hatching: The Philosopher's Clutch - Date Unset

Winter has found it's way here, and small bouts of frost are starting to show some nights. It shouldn't get colder for some time though.
Dearbhailth has clutched, her eleven eggs on the sands, hardening under her watchful gaze. Bets have already begun on what colours will hatch, what with the Crimson father.
Now that Karla is otherwise disposed, what with the Weyrling Lessons and a new clutch on the sands - Kierian has taken over investigation of the wreck found on the beach, and the investigations on who lead the herdbeasts into the sands.

Well...We're sort of back! Activity check has gone up, and we need candidates for the clutch. This one has everything written for it, so as soon as he have enough candidates we should go ahead with it. There'll be a gap before the next hatching after that.
More importantly, we want your opinion in the activity check as well. Please post in there so we can sort thins out.


Khay - Senior Mod - Profile
Maiwolf - Junior Mod - Profile
Bookworm - Hatching Mod - Profile



"A person who has stopped growing
at both ends and is now growing in the middle."


stiches !
Stictches is our member of the month! A great player, who's candidate Impressed first in our hatching! Their characters are fun, and they're fun to RP with. If that doesn't make them worthy of being Member of the Month, I don't know what else does.

Calleigh !
Well, she's the only candidate to have managed to get into Denayth's bad books it seems, though through no fault of her own; and the only girl to sneak onto the sands dressed as a boy. She's a strong willed girl, determined to do anything.
played by Maiwolf

M is for MITCH !
"Darkness, for the win." - Vairen
participents: maiwolf, stitches, aumni


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Coding Help: RCR

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 Calleigh :: Greenrider : Female, Pholith
Posted: Jul 24 2009, 11:28 PM

I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar

Group: Junior Mod
Posts: 56
Member No.: 12
Joined: 8-April 09

user posted image

user posted image

Your Name: Zen or Mai

Character Number: 1st

Well you think that you can take me on, you must be crazy

Character Name: Calleigh
Age: 16 Turns
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: Former Apprentice Herder, Candidate

There ain't a single thing you've done that's gonna phase me

    Hair: Calleigh’s hair is a little longer than shoulder length and almost stark blond. This is natural, actually. Her hair is straight, but can be easily maneuvered to do whatever she wants it to do. Normally, though, it stays down. On rare occasions one may see it up in a more elaborate design than a pony-tail, but that’s rare, if ever.
    Eyes: Calleigh’s eyes are blue-green, and very inquisitive looking. One can never tell what’s going on behind them, and that suits her fine. They’re actually usually twinkling with mischief or happiness.
    Body Type: Calleigh is a young girl. She’s still developing her womanly attributes, but that doesn’t stop her from being a lean, ‘mean,’ mischief making machine. Still not exactly grown into her age, Calleigh is gangly, but you couldn’t tell that normally, because of the clothes she wears.
    Height && Weight: This girl is skinny, no doubt about it. She’s about 5’2”, and a little more than 90 pounds.
    Scars: Though you wouldn’t guess that she has scars, she does have quite a few. She has a nick underneath her right arm where a knife accidentally cut her when she was younger. On her right arm she has a couple feline scratches that will never go away. On one of her fingers she has a burn from when she accidentally dropped a hot fire brand on it. The mark is so light that one can barely see it, except she knows it’s there. There is a small scar on her left hip, but she has no idea how it got there.
    Other: If she can, she will never wear dresses or skirts. She says it makes her look too much like a girl.

Oh, but if you want to have a go, I just want to let you know

    ~ Canines
    ~ Trundlebugs (they're so cute!)
    ~ Dragons
    ~ Felines
    ~ Wherhounds
    ~ Getting into trouble
    ~ Going exploring
    ~ Reading Records
    ~ Laughing at drama-queens
    ~ Having fun
    ~ Being young
    ~ Getting picked on
    ~ Spinners
    ~ Being small
    ~ Being cooped up
    ~ No one listening to her ‘cause she’s little
    ~ Being young (hey, it has its downsides, too)
    Her intelligence could be a strength, if people listened to her. She is very observant, and learns things that many people wouldn’t think a young girl would. She’s young, and that in itself is a strength.
    Her age would also be a weakness. Who listens to a sixteen-Turn-old? Unfortunately, many don’t listen to her, which usually makes her mad. Her personality could be considered a weakness, since she’s apt to run off and do something before told to do so.
Overall Personality
    The girl is forever mischievous. Calleigh is known for playing pranks, and sometimes getting away with them, too. Once or twice she’ll get caught, but that once or twice does not account for the multitude of other times when she walked away from the ‘crime scene’ happy. Calleigh loves to run, and can never seem to stop moving.

    Calleigh is always happy, even when she should be sad. She can’t be sad. Calleigh can get angry, but usually her anger abates after a few seconds, as she can control it, keep it in, and oftentimes almost dispel it entirely. She does not need anger, and therefore does not use it, and oftentimes she doesn’t feel it at all. For this reason, even when she shouldn’t be, Calleigh is jumpy and happy.

    Calleigh loves exploring things, even things that she is to young to know. The girl is always curious, and always retaining the things she learns, but since she does not have enhanced memory as an ability, she usually forgets what she has learned. She is very perceptive, though, and is able to tell if someone has passed by a place recently, or long ago. She’s also quick to use her intelligence in times of need, or as a silence-breaker.

    Calleigh is also stubborn. There is not much more to say except she will fight for what she wants, whether that be the life of an animal or getting someone to believe her.

Get off my back and into my game; get out of my way and out of my brain

Immediate Family
Lutho – father – Lord Holder of Alturan Cothold – male – 38 Turns
Corniella – mother – Lady Holder of Alturan Cothold – female – 34 Turns
Lostoll – brother – Heir to Alturan – male – 18 Turns
Calleigh – herself
Charlea – sister – Holdbrat / Apprentice Herder – female – 10 Turns
Lutho’s Family
Dornio – father – Master Weaver – male – deceased at 60 from heart attack
Laurta – mother – Retired Cook – female – 69 (blind)
Lonolla – sister – Cook – female – 40 Turns
Corustov (C'rustov) – brother – Bronzerider of Darspath (deceased) – male – 35 Turns
Doriana – sister –Greenrider of Heelkarth – female – 30 Turns
Oarna – sister – Cook – female – 25 Turns
Corniella’s Family
Gorghe – father – Former Lord Holder – male – 56 Turns
Castella – mother – Former Lady Holder – female – 55 Turns
Gurest (G'st) – brother – Greenrider of Whortnath – male – 35 Turns
Suriai – sister – Blue rider of Mennerviath – female – 32 Turns
    Calleigh’s life began much in the same way all other people’s lives begin—at birth. However, we will start before her birth, or even her existence. Her mother was a Lady Cotholder, leader of the small cothold Alturan, beholden to Ayden Hold (for the last five turns, before that, the cothold could not have been called a cothold at all). Her mother had been a heir to a Cothold most of her life, since her brother had forever wanted to be a dragonrider and she was the only one who wanted to lead. Hence, when she was offered the position before the move, she agreed as well as agreeing to moving her cothold as well. The woman was a strong leader, always working and striving to make Alturan a better home to those who lived there. She wanted nothing to do with children, and only chose a husband (or rather, was married to a man per her parent’s orders) because she had to have one. She was focused solely on work. But no one can escape a particularly overpowering Gold flight. Corniella and Lutho (Calleigh’s mother and father) were overtaken by the dragons’ flight lust, and they bedded.

    What came from that brief period of love was not Calleigh, but her older brother, Lostoll. Having discovered that motherhood was perfect—a nice reprieve from the day’s demanding labors—Corniella softened considerably. Only a Turn later, Corniella fell pregnant again—this time by choice—and thus began Calleigh’s life. Calleigh was born on the exact day of the Winter Solstice. In her earlier Turns, Calleigh was a lovable baby. She giggled easily, and whenever she smiled, she revealed cute baby dimples. She grew into a stick-thin young girl who loved nothing more than to romp and play with children of any gender. Her older brother and younger sister (Charlea) usually went along with her antics, though (like all good little children) they always placed the blame on her.

    However, as she grew, the girl became fascinated with animals of all kinds, especially dragons and their kind. Since the cothold she lived at was beholden to Arawn Hold, the children were taught many Herder skills. Because Calleigh had taken such an acute interest in the Herding business, she was a prime candidate for apprenticeship. But Calleigh did not want to be a pure Beastcrafter. No, the girl did not want to work on herd patterns, or mucking out runnerbeast stalls. She did, however, have an undying love for animals and healing. So she began instead to train as a healer… of animals.

    She began with the fundamentals of healing, which was taught by a Journeyman Healer. She learned many herbs that she had never known about. Then, after two Turns of learning herbs, their uses, and what to do with the herbs (or other medical procedures) or what to do if there were no herbs (or other medical procedures), the girl moved on to healing animals. At first she started small, with tunnelcats (especially her mothers’) or canines. She soon moved on to larger animals such as milchbeasts (goats). Later she moved again onto harder things, such as helping runnerbeasts or donkeys birth or fixing sprained muscles.

    However, the girl wanted to help dragonriders, too. So, with the acceptance of the MasterHealer and MasterHerder, Calleigh moved to Ranys Hold (she had previously just been at her cothold), where she was subject to more injuries: including fire-lizard injuries. She jumped onto those injuries with a willingness to serve, and soon learned fire-lizard anatomy. Now she is hoping to help dragons, who, like many others, had been talking to her since a young age. However, though, she has not yet started to heal dragons. She is anxiously awaiting that day, though. Very anxiously.
Pets: Canine Koda (information below)
Rubelite Tourmaline Mitch (information below)

I think it's time you better face the fact, get off my back

Name: Koda

Age: 3 Turns

Gender: Male

    Unlike most canines, Koda sticks out like a sore thumb. He does not blend in with the surrounding area, and instead would only succeed in hiding in snow, if, of course, he would stay still for a second. He is an albino, a misfit that was going to be killed if Calleigh hadn’t saved him. His pelt is white as snow, and long so that, on cold nights, he is warm and, on warm nights, his pelt acts like an insulator. His eyes are oddly a bright red color. He’s nearly blind, and can only see where he’s going by smell and hearing.
    Koda is a very strange dog. He doesn’t help in anything other than follow Calleigh around, wag his tail, and randomly walk into things. However, he is very quiet, never barking. He, since he is blind, sticks so close to Calleigh that you’d think he was a toddler to a mother. His quiet does not include his whining, which he does whenever he can’t see well enough to find Calleigh’s general location, or whenever someone new is approaching. He expresses his feelings well: wagging his tail happily whenever someone he knows approaches, growling or whining whenever someone he doesn’t know is around or if he can’t find Calleigh
Name: Mitch

Age: 1 Turn

Gender: Male

Species/Color: Fire-lizard // Rubellite Tourmaline

    A very dark red color, Mitch is a strange Rubellite. But he is not much darker than his red brothers, only darker so much that it’s noticeable. Mitch’s lighter red wings seem to shine with a dark bronze color, as well. That in itself is unusual, but what is more unusual is the bronze-ish hint upon his hide, too. No one can explain it, and so everyone just accepts it as part of Mitch. He is the largest Rubellite to date, apparently, coming in at 27 inches with a large wingspan of 33 inches. Needless to say, he’s huge.
    Mitch, like almost every other Rubellite Tourmaline, is domineering and aggressive—but here’s the catch: that’s only toward people he doesn’t know. In fact, Mitch is so nice to anyone he does know, you’d think him another color, maybe a blue or a green, not a Rubellite! But get him with people he doesn’t know, and doesn’t readily like (and who he knows Calleigh doesn’t like) and you’re in for a big surprise. He puffs up to twice his size and chatters at the person until the person backs down or until he has to take drastic measures. Drastic measures usually gets him scolded at, so normally he doesn’t do that. However, he is an excellent messenger, smart enough to know where he’s going and get there quickly. He was taught a lot, and he will faithfully fulfill anything that comes his way.

Name: Soren
Color: Blue
Appearance: Usually, his face is pinched like he hates you. Usually, he's tall and scary, forlorn-looking. But his hide is such a soft, baby-blue you just want to look at him. He doesn't like being looked at, judging that for aggression. He's small, a little on the smaller side of a Blue, maybe even smaller than some Greens.
Personality: Demanding, Judgmental, Insensitive
Posted: Jul 25 2009, 01:49 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 140
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Joined: 22-January 09

Rubellite? I'm thinking you won the first advertising contest, yes? If not, I'm gonna have to put my stomper down.
  Posted: Jul 25 2009, 01:58 AM

I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar

Group: Junior Mod
Posts: 56
Member No.: 12
Joined: 8-April 09

Yup, and if ya don't believe me, I can show you my pm, too. ^-^
Posted: Jul 25 2009, 04:08 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 140
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Joined: 22-January 09

I believe you...my memory's not that bad. Approved.
Posted: Jul 25 2009, 07:17 PM

CEAO and RRotR

Group: Admin
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Joined: 19-February 09

She did! Also, her rank would not be AnimalHealer, but Herder. Can you edit her history to accomidate that? Since a normal Healer deals only in people, and not animals.
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