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 Christina Abbot
Christina Abbot
Posted: Jun 21 2009, 05:26 PM

The Sweetheart
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Group: Sophomore
Posts: 77
Member No.: 5
Joined: 19-June 09

You as a player:

What weíll call you: Anna or Al
What you registered in the cbox: AnnaAdmin
Are you older than 13? For sure
Are you aware that this is an R+ rated site? yeppers
Are you offended by sex, swearing, or gratuitous violence? I am offended by very little
Time zone and/or general time of activity? CentralÖ pretty much always here if Iím not in class
Where you found us? Long ago (about a year) Ash Approached me with this idea that would make a great RPÖ after much blood sweat and tears here we areÖ
Other characters: Trixi Spencer, Miss Allard, Remiel Sanders, Manhattan Philips


Your Character:

Hi! My name is: Christina Martha Abbot
But most people call me: Christina, Chrissy, or Christina
I escaped (or was reluctantly pulled from) my motherís womb on: May 4th
And that was 15 years ago!
When i'm not at school I call Barrington Hills, Il (About an hour outside of Chicago) home.
I am so excited (or not) this year to be a: Sophomore
People like to tell me I look like: Chelsea Staub

Let me tell you about my family: My parents are the best. My mom, Martha, is social chair for the Barrington Hills/South Barrington Womensí Club. She throws the best parties! My dad, Avery Abbot Jr., runs a real-estate firm for the greater Midwest, but really itís spread nationally, weíre so proud of him. I have three brothers and one sister. Avery (Abbot III) is a junior this year at AFA, heís amazing and I am so lucky to have him around. Alex is 12 and he is just a sweet heart, and then Madaline and Maverick are the twins they are six and sooooo cute, you never see one without the other close behind.

Iím at AFA because: Itís the best. Plus both my parents went here, it only makes sense that they should send us here as well.

So you know why Iím here, this is how I got here: My dad isnít my dad. Not biologically. My real dad died before I was two. God must have been taking care of us when my mom re-met Avery. Theyíd been high school sweethearts that had gone their separate ways during college, but clearly they were always meant to be true loves. Avery isnít my actual brother, he was from my dadís first marriage, but I consider him as much my brother and I consider his father mine. I was lucky to have such a great family.

I had a great childhood; I was always involved with dance and brownies. There isnít a near by troop for cadets, so I had to give up Girl Scouts, but I still follow code as best I can. That makes me a good citizen and a good person. I enjoy being around people. My own age and younger and older. So I spent a lot of time volunteering for nursing homes and elementary schools.

(Answer the following to the best of your ability so we can get a feel for your character's personality. The answers may be as long or as short as you feel necessary, so long as they give us a peek into who your character is)

On a Saturday night I will most likely be: SleepingÖ maybe having a slumber party with some of the girls in the building.

Oh no! My best friend is sick! Iím going to: Find my grandmaís recipe for chicken noodle soup and see if I canít make that up. And get popsicles! And then have movies and other feel good things to do with low energy. Maybe read to her fairy tales or something.

Itís Tuesday, thereís a big Chemistry test on Friday, I think I am going to: Make cookies and consider how a cookie is the best example of molecular bonding! And then take those cookies to study group Wednesday night.

In my free time I like to: Read, enjoy the out doors, meet people

Three things I really like:
    I get to stay connected with my body and get exercise too!

    There are so many amazing and fascinating people in this world, if I could have an hour with each one of them, I could learn so much!

    Iím pretty sure that there has to be some sort of magical properties in chocolate. It tastes so good and makes you feel good too!

Three things I really hate:
Bug bites
    They are itchy and uncomfortable

[Hateful people
    Weíre all created with Godís love, each and everyone of us. We all deserve love and respect. There are people who do bad things for bad reasons, but maybe they just need a friend.

Falling down
    Dance has helped me a lot with my balance and grace, but I still get klutzy sometimes. The calluses on my palms can attest for it.

The one thing I would die without: My faith. If I didnít know there was a bigger plan, or someone watching out for me the world would be a very scary place.

My favorite class is: Supernatural Studies.

If I have to sit through one more geometry class I might die.

I think shifters are: So lucky. They get to know what itís like to be human and an animal. To rely on instinct and I hear they have really good reflexes.

I think vampires are: Fascinating. Theyíve been around so long and met so many people and seen so much. It just really is a shame that they have to make food of people.

I think faeries are: Gorgeous. And they can live forever. Wouldnít it be fantastic to hear the stories a faerie has to tell you?

I would be most scared to meet a: Zombie. They are dead, and not dead in the way a vampire still has reason and logic and a soul. A zombie is just dead, and they are unholy and frightening.

It would be really cool to meet a: Faerie or a Vampire, one thatís been around a really long time and can describe a world that has since long passed.

Do you think the school administrators should be worried about vampire moving to town? Should they be taking more precautions, fewer?
I think that as long as he promises not to eat anyone it shouldnít matter.

Is there anything else we need to know about your character?
She is very trusting. She likes everyone until they give her a reason to not like them, and then she only dislikes them a little bit.

And the magic word is? a6abbot19

I do hereby promise, on threat of extreme harassment, to remain active with my cannon character, and keep all plot goodies delivered to my Inbox a secret until the appropriate time.

With fear allegiance,

Mr. Blake
Posted: Jun 21 2009, 05:58 PM

Teacher of the Supernatural
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Group: Faculty&Staff*
Posts: 198
Member No.: 2
Joined: 30-March 09

user posted image

What's up and Welcome! I'm Mr. Blake, just go ahead and start calling me Mr. B right now, everyone does. I'm going to be your Advisor, so questions, comments, concerns just shoot me a PM. I think you're really going to like it here *wink*

"You know how to tell if the teacher is hung over? Movie Day."


Now go learn something.
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