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 Annabelle Swift, The Gossip-Cannon
Annabelle Swift
Posted: Jun 20 2009, 10:05 PM

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Group: Sophomore
Posts: 151
Member No.: 13
Joined: 20-June 09

You as a player:

What weíll call you: Ash!
What you registered in the cbox: AshAdmin
Are you older than 13? Why yes, indeed.
Are you aware that this is an R+ rated site? I should be!
Are you offended by sex, swearing, or gratuitous violence? Not a bit.
Time zone and/or general time of activity? EST, and pretty much on and off all day.
Where you found us? From mine and Al's imagination!
Other characters: Mr. Blake, Aiden, Sera, & Annabelle


Your Character:

Hi! My name is: Annabelle Rae Swift
But most people call me: Annabelle, AB
I escaped (or was reluctantly pulled from) my motherís womb on: September 5th
And that was AGE 16 years ago!
When i'm not at school I call Manassas, VirginiaE home.
I am so excited (or not) this year to be a: Sophomore
People like to tell me I look like: Evan Rachel Wood

Let me tell you about my family: My mother Evangeline Graham-Swift is a socialite, darling of the south, and former Miss Virginia. My father Ulysses Swift is an investor, most of his money coming from several wise decisions on the part of my grandfather Raymond Swift. My brother Hayden(23) is an AFA graduate and working at the family least in theory.

Iím at AFA because: My parents only want the best for my brother and I....the best clothes, the best technology, so of course the best school was high on the list of priorities. It doesn't hurt that the student body is all very well connected.

So you know why Iím here, this is how I got here: Growing up was like living on the cover of a magazine. Under the public eye we were something to be envied, a golden family of wealthy almost-aristocracy. My brother was groomed to take over the family business, just like you might expect, and I was thrown into dťbutante balls to make my friends and beauty pageants, and the occasional small time modeling gig. Anything to get noticed. My mother always hoped I would go into fashion, and as a consequence I've met several of the biggest names in the business. But I've known what I wanted to do since the fifth grade. Our class was putting together a news letter for our parents as an English project and, what can I say? I sort of just...took over.

In middle school I first got a taste for my second hobby...something happened between fifth and sixth grade and suddenly it was all about secrets! How many you knew and who would tell them to you, we collected secrets like treasures and told them like it was an Olympic sport. Turns out, with a little practice...I was a gold medalist.

I can't tell you how thrilled I was when my application to Ashbury Fields was accepted. I mean, I had put in a bid at a few schools in New York, but my father made it clear that there was no better place to make lasting connections than Ashbury. I'm in my second year, and am glad to be stepping into the shoes of Editor in Chief of the school Newspaper. I can safely say...I've got a good feeling about this year...

(Answer the following to the best of your ability so we can get a feel for your character's personality. The answers may be as long or as short as you feel necessary, so long as they give us a peek into who your character is)

On a Saturday night I will most likely be: At whatever party, school event, or social gathering the important people are hanging out. I would hate to lose the chance at a good story.

Oh no! My best friend is sick! Iím going to: Make her soup[read: order take-out] and bring it over, keeping her entertained with all the latest Hollywood, school, and local gossip. Speaking of which, did -you- hear...

Itís Tuesday, thereís a big Chemistry test on Friday, I think I am going to: Weasel into a study date with my crush. What can I say? I'm a multitasker.

In my free time I like to: Read-I do more of this than I suspect people actually notice, write in my journal-which almost never goes unnoticed, and be the life of the party or a fly on the wall-depending on what I think the situation calls for. teehee![b]

Three things I really like:
[b]My Journal:
I write in it every day, several times a day. It keeps a record of everything I hear and think, and more than one reputation could be in big trouble if it fell into the wrong hands. It's kind of like the Holy Grail of gossip around here...but don't think you can sneak it out from under my nose. I'm very perceptive.
My Reputation: I work hard to maintain that I am both smart, and chaste. Once boys start to get the wrong idea about you its all -hands up your shirt at the Homecoming game-. And of course everyone comes to me when they want to know what's going on around here. An eye for an eye...a secret for a secret.
Your Business: I know you say it's none of mine, but let's just be honest. I'm good at getting what I want, and if you won't give it to me I promise you someone else will. No one is as bad at keeping your you are.

Three things I really hate:
Cheaters: In both senses of the word. If you can't succeed on your own then you just aren't trying hard enough. Don't be surprised if you come up in front of Honor Court and I will -not- be lenient! And if you aren't satisfied with your relationship, end it. Don't add the hurt of cheating on top of everything. Jerk.
Chemistry: It's just not my best subject. I try my hardest, but I don't like playing with chemicals, and the math side of my brain is infuriatingly lagging. If not for this stupid class I'd have made straight A's, you know.
Being told 'No': I think it's pretty clear by now...I live just slightly off the beaten path. You telling me 'No' just means I need to try a different approach.

The one thing I would die without: My journal.

My favorite class is: Journalism. I'm the editor of the school paper.

If I have to sit through one more Chemistry class I might die.

I think shifters are: A little be two things at once must be very confusing. I'd have to ask one to be sure. But I can't really hold it against them...I mean a Werewolf is really just the victim of violence and disease! What kind of person blames the victim?

I think vampires are: Everything you'd expect, exotic, erotic, enigmatic...and dangerous. Those fangs aren't just there to look pretty. Again, I'd need a sit down talk to really make up my mind, and so far I can't say I've ever met a vampire.

I think faeries are: Seriously confused. I mean how can something so beautiful make such a mess of beautiful Europe!? Come on faeries...get your act together. (Or don't...the news would be so boring without you)

I would be most scared to meet a: Red Cap. I'm a bit iffy on the particulars, we don't have them around here, but anyone who accesorizes with bloody headgear is too far into the weird zone...even for me.

It would be really cool to meet a: [b]Vampire. I've got tons of questions, and someone whose been around longer than a human lifetime must surely have at least -some- of the answers. And they might remember what it was to be human, right?

Do you think the school administrators should be worried about vampire moving to town? Should they be taking more precautions, fewer?
Oh gosh yes! I mean what do vampires eat, am I right? But I can't help being curious. Vampires just don't move into what's his motive?

Is there anything else we need to know about your character? Annabelle is aggressive in the pursiot of what she wants, sometimes blindly so. She might trample on a few feelings unwittingly, but she never acts without someone's best interests in mind.
And the magic word is? a7swift20
Annabelle Swift
Posted: Jun 20 2009, 10:08 PM

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Group: Sophomore
Posts: 151
Member No.: 13
Joined: 20-June 09

I do hereby promise, on threat of extreme harassment, to remain active with my cannon character, and keep all plot goodies delivered to my Inbox a secret until the appropriate time.

With fear allegiance,

Miss Allard
Posted: Jun 20 2009, 10:45 PM

Math Teacher
Group Icon

Group: Faculty&Staff*
Posts: 287
Member No.: 4
Joined: 12-April 09

user posted image

Let me be the first to offer you a warm welcome! I am Miss Allard, I teach math, and shall also be your faculty adviser. if you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to PM me or get ahold of my by any other means smile.gif

Once again Welcome and we hope you find your stay at AFA beneficial and rewarding.

Miss Allard
On behalf of the Administration
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