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 Alex Monroe
Alex Monroe
Posted: Jul 30 2009, 03:29 AM

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Group: Sophomore
Posts: 362
Member No.: 32
Joined: 27-July 09

You as a player:

What weíll call you: Callie
What you registered in the cbox:Callitia
Are you older than 13?Yes
Are you aware that this is an R+ rated site? Yes
Are you offended by sex, swearing, or gratuitous violence? Nope
Time zone and/or general time of activity? Eastern Time
Where you found us?RP directory.
Other characters: None


Your Character:

Hi! My name is: Alexandra Monroe
But most people call me: Alex, Ali(I really hate this one though).
I escaped (or was reluctantly pulled from) my motherís womb on: August, 28th.
And that was 16 years ago!
When i'm not at school I call Fairfax, Virginia home.
I am so excited (or not) this year to be a: Sophomore
People like to tell me I look like: Summer Glau

Let me tell you about my family: I'm the first child of David and Melinda Monroe. My father was a three term a State Assemblymen from our district in northern Virginia and after that retired and is now a partner in a big lobbying firm. That's right my family made it's fortune by exploiting politicians and stamping out the voice of the little people to carry on the agenda of big business and special interest groups. He also apparently is something of an advocate for The Others, helping get some kind of reservation for Faeries and stuff. Boy did that turn around and bite him, well me, in the ass. Not the best way to make a honest living in my opinion but like a mafia wife I stay out of the way and don't ask where the money is coming from.

My mom on the other hand while technically a house wife and stay at home mom really isn't. When I was eleven she took to philanthropy and sits on the board of several non profit organizations that deal with women's issues, like raising money to build battered wife's shelters and health clinics in places around the world and stuff like that. All in all slightly more respectable work than my dad but still part of me wonders how much of it is for show and how much of the work is a genuine desire to help her fellow man, err woman.

Then there is my little brother, David Junior, he is not even one years old yet but the little trouble maker is the reason I'm in the situation that I am in now. Though I guess I can't really blame him for that it's not his fault. I read somewhere that the DNA from the sperm determine if you are a boy or a girl. So I blame my dad.

Iím at AFA because: After going through some rather trough changes in my life that I wasn't adapting to life at home at my old school wasn't working out so well. At the same time as that my parents were becoming convinced that the public school I was attending was not letting me reach my full potential. So deciding that this would be a perfect time for a fresh start they enrolled me in AFA.

So you know why Iím here, this is how I got here: Well where to begin when I was born it was a rather difficult birth and me and my mom almost died. We pulled through of course but I didn't find out why until just recently. So anyway skip a head a few years my child hood was pretty typical. My family was rather well off, not fabulously wealthy or anything. I was never vacationing up at Martha's vineyard or Hilton Head during the summer or anything like that and sadly like most of the power brokers in DC my father did not did not have a private plane. Which was really a waste of misbegotten power and influence if you ask me.

Anyways like I was trying to say I had rather normal childhood. I did okay in school and enjoyed playing sports. I was on the little league baseball team and played flag football when I was younger but lost interest in that around eight or nine and dabbled in soccer until high school. I was good at those games but I was by no means a all-star and so when I reached freshmen year in high school I decided not to try out for either team and quietly gave them up. Not that I would have made it or gotten along well with most of the people on the teams anyways, they were way too serous about it for my liking.

Once I stopped playing sports and could actually focus on school I went from being a mediocre student with a C+ average to strait A student and quickly climbed to near the top of my class. Contributing to this was my discovery of science. I loved physics and chemistry and biology and actually own copies of Darwin's Origin of Species and Newton's Principia Mathematica and read them both many times. Now don't' get me wrong I wasn't some lonely science nerd who kept to himself all day I had more than my fair share of friends and a very not dead social life. Now that all changed of course.

When I first heard my mother was pregnant I was excited, I was going to be an older brother! Growing up I had friends with siblings and I saw how close they were to each other and was always kinda envious. Though it was almost fifteen years difference in age I figured it would be better late then never. My parents also seemed rather ecstatic about a new kid but seemed unusually obsessed with finding out if it was going to be a boy or a girl, and due to the awkward positioning during the ultra sounds they were unable to figure it out. So when the day came and my mom gave birth to my baby brother. When my father found out he went from ecstatic to a look of sheer terror that couldn't possibly understand why.

A few days later I did find out however. After getting home from school one day I managed to over hear my father shouting from his study. At first I thought that he was just stressed about something from work but then I picked up on the frightened tone in his voice and pleads that it was an accident and not to take him. I knew I should have just ignored what I was hearing and went to my room but I let curiosity get the better of me and stood outside his door, eavesdropped on the conversation and to take a look threw the slightly opened door at who he was talking with. Apparently he was trying to talk this rather unearthly and tall white haired man out of killing someone for something I had missed that part of the conversation and while at first he seemed rather unmoved by my fathers pleas for mercy he eventually nodded and said he would spare them. The last thing I heard was the stranger saying, ďBut there will be a price.Ē And turned to face me. The last thing I saw before a blinding flash was this things face his skin was pale and almost blueish and hue and despite looking more or less human had this menacing air about him, in fact if I didn't pass out at that very moment I am not afraid to say I probably would have ran off screaming and sobbing.

I was out of it for several hours after that all I remember was feeling a few seconds of extreme discomfort and the strange sensation of bones breaking and reshaping. Yet it was all numb at the same time, kinda like when the dentist dopes you up with Novocaine, you know he is doing terribly painful things in your mouth and you can almost feel it. But you know you aren't.

Anyways once I came too I realized something was different about me. I was shorter, my hair was longer, I was skinnier and I had boobs. That one was a real shocker, which is probably why it took me about thirty-eight seconds to process that I had somehow become one-hundred percent female, and a frighteningly limber one at that, but that's for another day. I thought I took that bit of information pretty well all things considered.

Forty-five minutes later after I had stopped throwing expensive expensive furniture, and my fathers five thousand dollar notebook, and once my parents managed to pry me out of the fetal position they sat me down and explained to me what had happened in great detail. Of course I think I was in shock, or having a nervous break down so I only really processed the broad strokes of what they were saying. Apparently my father made a deal with one of those faerie types to save me and my mom when I was born and and my brothers birth somehow violated the terms of there deal and it was either I die or I get way to in touch with my feminine side.

So the next couple of weeks was spent me trying my best to live my old life as best I could. Which was pretty much an exercise in futility, explaining what happen to me to anyone was difficult, and hanging out with your best friends is next to impossible when they keep ogling you every time your back is turned. Which is why I left that all behind, I even with my moms recommendation changed my name to Alexandra to hide my past, and came to AFA hoping for a fresh start.

(Answer the following to the best of your ability so we can get a feel for your character's personality. The answers may be as long or as short as you feel necessary, so long as they give us a peek into who your character is)

On a Saturday night I will most likely be: staying in my room watching TV or studying unless someone offers me a better choice.

Oh no! My best friend is sick! Iím going to: make sure they are taking there medicine and following the doctors orders.

Itís Tuesday, thereís a big Chemistry test on Friday, I think I am going to: most likely plan to study that night for the test, but end up putting it off until late Thursday night.

In my free time I like to: sit alone in my room and sulk about how unfair my situation is. Or try and forget how unfair my lot in life is by wandering the school grounds or reading a book.

Three things I really like:
Chocolate: It's proof there is some supreme being out there that loves us and wants us to be happy.

Dogs: They are mans best friend.

Science class: Nothing like unlocking the mysteries of the universe to make your own little complaints seem small.

Three things I really hate:
The way guys seem to treat girls as objects of conquest. I used to not think it was just silly machismo, well it's a lot less silly feeling when you are on the business end of it.

The fact I am a girl now, have I mentioned how much I hate this yet?


The one thing I would die without: Probably my mind. No matter what has happened to my body that things seems to have staid pretty much the same and is the last little shred of who I am left.

My favorite class is:SCIENCE! Okay really it's physics but SCIENCE! Has more pizazz tied to it.

If I have to sit through one more PE class I might die.

I think shifters are: Pretty much normal people except they sometimes change into these monsters.

I think vampires are: It's a little narrow minded I admit, but I think they are creepy as hell. They live off blood and aren't alive just thinking about them sends a shiver down my spine.

I think faeries are: not my favorite sentient beings at the moment. I wouldn't be in the situation I am in right now if it wasn't for them, but then again I wouldn't' be alive either, probably. Either way I think it's best to just let them be as long as they stay out of our way.

I would be most scared to meet a: Vampires. True I could say Faeries but I have already met them before even if briefly and they were terrifying they seem to be more apathetic about humans. Vampires on the other hand are predators who live on the blood of the living, it would be like a fox in a hen house trying to talk about the weather.

It would be really cool to meet a: Shifters, I can relate to the whole involuntary shape changing thing and I am sure most of them are pretty decent and normal when the moon isn't full.

Do you think the school administrators should be worried about vampire moving to town? Should they be taking more precautions, fewer? Meh I don't really worry about it. If the vampires abide by the law I don't' see why shouldn't' be allowed to live here just like everyone else. They may be creepier than a bucket full of Pee Wee Hermans but that don't' mean they don't have rights. As for the precautions I can't really say, I mean if they work then sure but if they don't then maybe more should be taken. I just hope we don't have to find out either way.

Is there anything else we need to know about your character? Alex hasn't realized it yet but his body at the moment is almost perfectly built for dancing and gymnastics. Someone would have to get her to try those things first in order for her to find out.

And the magic word is? c7monroe27
Mr. Blake
Posted: Jul 30 2009, 09:49 AM

Teacher of the Supernatural
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Group: Faculty&Staff*
Posts: 198
Member No.: 2
Joined: 30-March 09

user posted image

What's up and Welcome! I'm Mr. Blake, just go ahead and start calling me Mr. B right now, everyone does. I'm going to be your Advisor, so questions, comments, concerns just shoot me a PM. I think you're really going to like it here *wink*

"You know how to tell if the teacher is hung over? Movie Day."


Now go learn something.
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