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 Site Rules
Ashbury Fields Academy
Posted: Apr 12 2009, 12:51 AM

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Group: Admin
Posts: 151
Member No.: 1
Joined: 14-March 09

Thou shalt read and heed
This should go without saying, but you need to read the rules before you finish your application.
We'll know if you don't. wink.gif

I. The Cbox
i. Don't spam the cbox with advertisements for your own site or anything else
ii. Respect. Use it
iii. Do not, under any circumstances, impersonate another player in the cbox
iv. The cbox is out of character at all times.
v. Please avoid plotting in the cbox. Private messages and instant messengers work well for this.

II. Joining/Participation
i. Registration
*Make your username your character name, first and last, proper punctuation:: John Doe
ii. Please post only completed applications
*WIPs clutter up the section and run the risk of being forgotten
iii. More on this in the registration section here
iv. There is technically no minimum post count to remain active, but you are here to play...don't make a character and disappear.
*There will be regular activity checks. If you haven't posted between them, you'll be archived and your playby lost. You can reactivate...but if your playby has been snapped up, sorry...too bad.

III. Character Limit
i. Yes, you read correctly. No one player can have more than 5 active characters. We feel this is pretty generous, but we just don't want people running around with 10 characters, hogging playbys, and not doing anything with them.
ii. Character Deletion
*Museless? Need to get rid of a character? Go here
--As mentioned before, archived characters lose claim over their playbys.
iii. Post Length
*One paragraph which means 5-7 sentences. This is not a set in stone rule, more or less is up to you. Just remember one liners are boring and hard to respond to. Likewise, 6-7 paragraphs can be overwhelming.

IV. We are Rated R+
i. This means there will be adult content on this site...drugs, sex, foul language, and some violence. If you are offended by any of this AFA is not the place for you.
ii. All threads of this nature, however must be labeled [M] for mature so that they can be avoided by those wishing to do so.
iii. In addition, let us take a moment to state that the actions of individual players do not necessarily reflect the opinions/ideologies of AFA's creators or staff.
iv. Hi. We're proud of you for making it this far, so guess what? You get the first part of the code for your application. It is:: the first letter of your name/alias. Whatever you gave us in your header as your name (not the character). i.e. Ash--> 'a' Now keep reading!

V. Community Behavior
i. It means treat other players with kindness and respect. ...Oh if only it were so easy...
ii. Player -vs- Character:: You are not your character, no matter how much you choose to make them like you.
*Don't take any character's actions personally. It's got nothing to do with you or them...they're just roleplaying
*In character we want tons of drama...OOC we won't tolerate any.
iii. Got a problem with another player?
*We are not your Mommies, and it is not our place to regulate your personal life. You can handle this maturely, and most importantly-privately.
*However if we see it on the board, or in the cbox...we will get involved, and you won't enjoy it.
*If the problem is bad enough, and you've tried to resolve it on your own and would like some help...see us. We won't tolerate cyber bullying...that's an immediate ban from the site, even if you are doing it privately.
iv. Post Pestering:: Again, we aren't regulating here...but be mindful this can get annoying. Especially in the cbox where people are trying to chat.
v. Freedom of Speech:: Yes thanks to the Constitution we all have it. And as admin and staff we encourage it. Except we don't allow our members to start spouting hate all over our board. Racial slurs(in OR out of character), sexually discriminate, or culturally offensive statements are just hurtful. Don't do it.
Ashbury Fields Academy
Posted: May 14 2009, 11:32 AM

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Group: Admin
Posts: 151
Member No.: 1
Joined: 14-March 09

Canons and Staff

I. So you want to be a canon...
1. Register with his or her name, just as you would an original. =We will hold for two weeks, then delete the account=
2. PM any questions to the admin account directly
3. By choosing a canon you are agreeing to remain active on the site and in the plot.
4. If you cannot keep up with your canon, give them up for adoption.
5. Playing a canon means plotting a lot with the admins. Keep an eye on your PM box for plot updates, and keep them to yourself.
6. Any one player can only have two canons, unless given specific permission from the admins.
7. Make them your own. We want you to love them and be inspired by them, and while we give you the outline...don't be afraid to expand beyond.

II. So you want to work for AFA...
((Faculty Characters))
1. These are our mini-moderators, and they do have very limited godmodding capabilities. Joining is easy...becoming staff is trickier. But that doesn't mean we don't want you.
2. Staff accounts are secondary accounts, even though they count toward your overall 5 characters. Before even applying you should have had an active student account for at least a month. Why?
*So that we can see that you are a mature and consistent roleplayer
*Because we want to get to know you a little bit, and how well you work with others.
*The one month rule -may- be waived at admin discretion.
+Oh good. You're still here. The next tid-bit is:: Add the numbers of your character's age together, ie- 16 1+6=7--> 'a7' another example: 39 -> 3+9=12 -> 1+2=3
3. Only the two admins know all of AFA's secrets...but staff are privy to secret information just like the canons. Keep it a secret, and remember just because you know it, doesn't mean your characters do.
4. Register with title and last name. i.e.- Mr. Ms. Mrs. Dr.
5. Choose your own playby. Canons have playby's selected already...teachers do not. wink.gif

Ashbury Fields Academy
Posted: May 14 2009, 11:35 AM

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Group: Admin
Posts: 151
Member No.: 1
Joined: 14-March 09

In the RP verse!

I. Point Of View((POV))
i. AFA posts should be made in the 3rd person limited point of view:: i.e. Susan walked to the drugstore, thinking of Johnny.
i. We are a literate RP site...this means complete sentences, a fair attempt at correct spelling(Firefox even does this FOR you), punctuation and capitalization. We just want to know what you are saying, but we aren't Nazis about it. Typos happen.

III. Realism
i. Wait! What? I hear you cry...But this is a fantasy based RolePlay! And there are VAMPIRES!
*Yes is it. But there are still rules within any fantasy RP, and your character is human. So bear in mind a few things::
--Your character's age.
--They -are- human
--Could they -really- get away with that?((No Mary Sue or Gary Stu types, who can do ANYTHING, and do it perfectly. That's boring. They need weaknesses or nobody's buying it.))
ii. On that Note...Read the Facts!
*We have a section dedicated to telling you what YOUR character knows about the supes. And a class to further your knowledge. This is to help you know what's going on.
--And no...our vampires do NOT sparkle.

IV. Godplay
i. Godplay aka Godmodding aka Being a Tool
*It's when a player takes more liberties than they should with and over another player's character. There are lots of ways this can happen...
--Your character is not the best at anything to the point of being flawless. Fights, sports, etc. Sometimes your character WILL lose. You can't force anyone's character to fall victim to yours.
--Your character doesn't know what another character is thinking, nor can they read it all in minute detail on another character's face. Don't assume what you don't know...you know what they say about assuming.
--You may touch other characters...but remember the other chatacter may not react in a way that you will like. Tough luck, that's the risk you take.
--If Godmodding becomes a problem, we the admins will be happy to show you just how annoying Godplay can be smile.gif
--Please attempt to resolve any issues with this through the PM system. Thank you.
examples to come as needed
--Welcome back for our third puzzle piece! This one's easy:: your character's last name, i.e. 'swift'==> 'a7swift' Keep on, keepin' on!

V. Killing/Hospitalizing/etc.
i. So you want to kill off your character? Or perhaps have your character kill another? As of right now there is only one answer to this question::
*There are plot reasons for this rule, so until further notice death is out. This rule will change in time, and we will edit this section with our stipulations.
ii. Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! Call the Ambulance!
*If your character needs to go to the hospital, that's fine...but the staff -will- get involved. That's just how boarding school works.
--This is especially true in the case of a supernatural medical emergency.
iii. Terminal Diseases
*It's okay if you want a character with cancer((until this becomes an obnoxious trend)) or some other terminal illness. One rule:: Research. If you are playing a character with a disease, commit to it, know the symptoms and treatments, the life expectancy and the repercussions. Don't just make stuff up.

And the part you've been waiting for...
VI. Playing with the Supes...
i. Supe Accounts and Godplay
*That's right, they get to take some liberties BUT these accounts are carefully regulated and their players carefully chosen. They know what lines to cross, and which ones not to.
*No, they won't kill you...but they might not be friendly either.
*We will never throw a Supe at you that your character cannot handle, so pay attention to what you learn
ii. Do -not- harass the staff for a Supe thread. We'll do our best to spread them around, but the surest way to make sure your thread is Supernatural-free...is to go around pestering for them to play.

Hooray! All done! But wait...there's one more thing. Read the Creature Feature before posting that wonderful application!
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