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Title: Hyun Joong's Interview
Description: nOT AS GENTLE AS JI HOO!!!

loveLMHKimBum - April 4, 2009 05:42 PM (GMT)
Kim confessed that he is not as gentle or tender as his character Ji Hoo. What he looks for in a girlfriend? ďI wish my girlfriend was someone just like a friend, whom I would feel comfortable with.Ē

Hyun-joong is also the leader of the group SS501.

IS: Who do you want to meet most in the world?
Of course Seo Taiji. When i was a child, I listened to a variety of foreign music and I liked the rock genre. The top song when I was in school was Seo Taiji and Boysí ďNan-arayoĒ ( 난 알아요). Then when I heard ďUltramaniaĒ, I decided to become a singer. I have a lot of respect for Seo Taiji.

IS: Do you have any talent youíve been polishing since the school days?
I played bass guitar in a band when I was in high school. I can play it quite well. I enjoy expressing it by playing guitar when I get a musical idea. I would spend whole day to search for rare guitars when I was visiting Japan. I love the guitar.

IS: Do you have any places you want to travel to? Who with?
I have friends whom Iíve been growing up with in the same town. Iíve spent most of my life with them. I fear nothing when Iím with them. I want to travel to space with them and challenge the limit of our lives. Does that sound like nonsense?

IS: Who is number one on your mobile phone speed dial?
I have a bad memory and my mobile phone directory stores my important numbers but I donít use the speed dial.

IS: What do you always carry in your bag?
An extra pair of contact lens, eye drops and a shaver. Also an extra pair of underwear and socks just in case we end up shooting all night.

IS: Which actress would you like to work with?
Lee Hyo-ri. Before I made a debut as a singer, she was my dream girl. Hyori is my senior and gave me lots of valuable advice. She is such an inspiration to me.

IS: What is your motto in life?
You only have one chance in life, live hard and earn fame. Help the poor and be respected.

IS: Whatís the difference before and after F4?
The age range of people who recognise me became various. The character Ji Hoo seemed to give me a chance to produce another Kim Hyun Joong.

IS: Have you ever posted any opinion under Internet news articles (about youself)?
I try not to read bad posts (about me). I would read what people write about me on my fan page and write my opinions as well. Sometimes I reveal myself and sometimes I donít. Sometimes I write really harsh reports on myself to push myself. I visit Daum the most.

IS: Do you have a bad habit or jinx?
No jinx. Habit perhaps? When I am stressed, I like to go on fishing trips or listen to music.

IS: What if your parents were against your marriage ó like in the character Gu Jun-pyo?
I will try to persuade my parents, that I am responsible enough to make the decision.

Where and with whom do you like to drink with?
I drink a lot. Soju. Anywhere (the place is not important). I drink with my band mates and friends. A simple stall by the street is good enough. I like my soju with pork and kimchi.

IS: What was the biggest crisis in your life to date?
It was when I was in the MBC TV show Weíve Got Married. We went to film at Halla Mountain (Halla San) at Jeju Island. We took 5 hours to climb up the mountain and 2 hours to get down. I didnít go easy but went on briskly. I ran down for 2 hours without a break. Finally, when we reached the bottom and it was time for an interview at the hotel, I had no energy left and fainted.

IS: What would you do if you won ₩ 10,000,000,000 in the lottery?
₩ 5,000,000,000 to parents. ₩ 1,000,000,000 to my boss Lee Ho-yeon of DSP Entertainment. 20% to needy neighbours, 20% to share with friends.

IS: Do you have any skin care secrets?
My dermatologist takes care of my skin very well. Thatís my honest answer. Haha. I will always try to clean my skin properly.

IS: What is your sleeping habit?
I sleep in only my underwear. I canít endure wearing anything more because I am afraid of the heat. I like the feeling of the blanket next to my skin and only wear my underwear to bed.

IS: When did you last date and how old were you?
We split up just before I made my debut (in SS501). Haha.

IS: What would you call your girlfriend if you have one?
I would just call her name. Iím not as gentle or tender as Ji Hoo. I wish my girlfriend was someone just like a friend, who I would feel comfortable with.

IS: What do you want to receive from your girlfriend?
Actually, I would be more comfortable giving than receiving. Even if I have something I want, I wonít tell her and I would just buy it myself. I would give anything from me to the most precious one.

IS: What do you envy of your F4 members?
Min-hoís height, Bumís maturity and Joonís personality?

IS: What is the best fortune of your life so far?
The fact that I have friends who Iíve been with since primary school, and that Iím a member of SS501.

IS: If you have a completely free day, what would you do?
I just want to sleep all day.

IS: Who manages your income?
Since I was a child and started off with part-time jobs, I have been managing my own income. My parents trust me.

Source: ISPLUS
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