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 Aslidas Mueriela/ Madclaw, Sith Knight
Posted: Dec 2 2009, 12:00 AM

Senior Member

Group: Members
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Joined: 20-May 09

Name: Aslidas Mueriela/ Madclaw for him murdering almost half the village in their sleep.
Species: Wookie
Age: 25 in human years
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Dark brown
Skin color: Hair-covered
Height: 7Ft
Weight: 250lbs
Distinguishing Marks: War scars cover his body, his torn flesh is hidden by Thick hair.
Dominate Hand: Right

Gear: A giant double-sided wookie war sword hangs over his shoulder. A crossbow blaster rifle rests on his other shoulder.

Appearance: Black eyes like that of the devil. Cursed with bad luck, born with black eyes, he was thaught to be cursed. The thick fur covering his body hides scars of battle.

Faction: Sith
Rank: Knight

Force Sensitive: Yes

Strength: 8/10, Born Natrually strong, he also exsercises by lifting bodies of dead beasts and throwing them into fire.
Dexterity: 7/10, Fast for he runs everyday to save his life.
Constitution: 7/10, He is considerably tough, he has taken many hits and slashes in his life.
Intelligence: 4/10, Not as smart as most wookies, strength is his ally.
Wisdom: 5/10, He plunges head first into battle most of the time.
Charisma: 2/10 He is not good at leading others, but crushing them.

Personality: Wild, Angry, Bloodthirty, Murderous. These words best describe Madclaw. He is a cannabilist to his people. He will kill and eat his victim without a second thaught. Mistaking him for an average wookie is a mistake. He will kill all that defy him. He hides in the shadows. He kills for food, and for the sheer joy of it. No one gets in his way. He serves only the ones he trusts. The Sith, his true brethren. He hates all the rest of the scum in the galaxy.

Strengths and Weaknesses: He is a master of his 4 inch claws, his sword and his crossbow. Maps and star charts confuse him greatly. He is only great on land, battling head on.

Skills: He can kill an oppenent within 5 minutes of a start of a battle.

Force Powers: Force shock, Mind trick, force choke and battle meditation.

History: The sky is pink and orange as the sun sets on Kashyyk. A wookie child is born into the savage clan of a hunter family. His name is Aslidas Muerliela. His father called him a "unwanted" child. He had thick brown fur that covered his entire body. Long claws extended from the tiny hands of the wookie. He has baby blue eyes that are sadening. No one thaught this tiny furball would every be a murderer.

He had two brothers and a sister. They were mishchevious and Aslidas always took the blame. Scars where he had been beaten formed. Every now and then he watched his siblings get beaten brutaly. Then one gloomy gray afternoon, his brother, Kanal, was walking on the rusty old railing of the boundries of the town. All of a sudden the rails creaked and moaned and eventually broke under Kanal's weight. Aslidas watched his brother tumble into the dark abbys of the trees.

At the age of sixteen Aslidas his father went completly mad. Drunk as always he started beating Aslidas on a night when darkness overtook everything. Dripping in blood, Aslidas spat curses at his father. He picked up a knife and turned towrd the brute.b"You little punk, time to die." Aslidas caught a quick glance at his smaller, frightened siblings. He looked back at the man that was his father. The drunard charged and Aslidas dropped the knife as he tried to stab the Beast. He missed and his father slapped it out of his hand and said "Next I will kill your sister and brother, then your mother." That got Aslidas angry, he unleashed a fury of punches on his father then a power shot out of his fingers. Much like lightning. Then the big dark figure of his father fell in a bloody and scortched heap.

Dawn approched as the wookie guard arrested Aslidas. The cheif of the tribe banished Aslidas into exile and sentanced the name Madclaw to him. He moved into the lower areas of Kasheyyk. The areas where great beasts roamed. Aslidas lived the rest of his life there. In the shadows, in exile. He was soon discovered by slavers and forced into slavery. He soon killed his master and stole his ship, The shadow snake. He landed on Korriban and joined the academy to control his powers. He resides there to continue training, to become a Sith Master!

Shadow snake
Vehicle: None
Usable by: Alein

We are a new Era of Mandalorians!
Posted: Dec 2 2009, 06:32 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 388
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-March 09

The whole 'murder half his village while they slept' is taken straight from Kotor 2. Why not have him get sold into slavery, escape, and return to kill his father before making his way to the Sith?

Posted: Dec 3 2009, 02:33 PM


Group: Role Play Administrator
Posts: 171
Member No.: 8
Joined: 23-May 09

QUOTE (Sicarius @ Dec 2 2009, 06:32 AM)
The whole 'murder half his village while they slept' is taken straight from Kotor 2. Why not have him get sold into slavery, escape, and return to kill his father before making his way to the Sith?

Because that would be a cliché I'd expect from you, Sicarius. tongue.gif

user posted image

I am the gateway to the doleful city.
Posted: Dec 3 2009, 03:10 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 388
Member No.: 1
Joined: 2-March 09

QUOTE (Nevermore @ Dec 3 2009, 03:33 PM)
Because that would be a cliché I'd expect from you, Sicarius. tongue.gif

Um... not at all. My characters are highly developed psychopaths who end up murdering their family in gruesome ways that reflect the mind of serial killers. The deaths my characters give their families are pretty diverse. Sometimes they involve cutting up body parts and hiding them inside the refrigerator as bundles of meat. Delightful, isn't it?

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